Medela China moves into new premises in Shanghai

Earlier this month Medela opened its new office in Shanghai, marking another important milestone for the Chinese team and the entire company.
Shanghai office medela opens

Over the past ten years, Medela China has built a strong position in the region and established a sound reputation with its customers. With a high birth rate - over 14 million in 2019 - and a very low breastfeeding rate of 30%, China marks an important market for Medela in many respects. It offers enormous growth potential, yet we also focus on raising awareness for the benefits of breastfeeding and empowering young mothers and their babies to live their lives.

Building on this foundation, we have been investing significantly in our local business, with the new office being just one more step on our path. While the opening of the office took place at an unprecedented time, it demonstrates Medela's resilience, long-term commitment to the Chinese market and proximity to our customers.