Can a baby sleep with a dummy or should I remove

Even if you did all your homework beforehand, you’ll still be on a learning curve with a newborn. Questions arise with new situations, and the best you can do is ask them. So if you’ve ever wondered: can babies sleep with dummies? You came to the right place.

Mother kissing sleeping baby with dummy at night wondering if the dummy reduce the risk of SIDS or if she remove the dummy now once the baby is asleep.

Should I remove the dummy once my baby is asleep?

No, you don’t have to take it out once they have fallen asleep. Still, if the dummy falls out during sleep, which is very common, there’s no need for you to reinsert it.2  Because even if this happens, the protective effect against SIDS persists throughout the sleep period.2

Dummies are most often used to calm and relax our newborns, helping them to fall asleep.

When other methods to calm your little one fail, a dummy may support their desire to suckle, punching their ticket to Dreamland. Parents know that nothing compares to the beauty of the calm breathing of a sleeping child. Maybe only the cute noises the dummy makes in their mouth when dreaming.

Are dummies designed for all sleep times? 

Clearly, parents can’t always watch over their newborns and babies when they are asleep – maybe the first few minutes in adoration. But with night dummies both you and your little one may have a more relaxing and peaceful sleep and winding down. A major part is knowing more and more about SIDS and ways to massively reduce its risk.

As we’ve mentioned before, don’t be surprised if the dummy falls out of your little one’s mouth once they’ve fallen asleep. It’s natural, as they might move and roll around quite a bit. Medela’s NIGHT & NIGHT and DAY & NIGHT ringless dummies have the added advantage of allowing said movement to be as free and comfortable as possible, without a piece of plastic sticking out interrupting the sweetest of dreams. These dummy sets include fluorescent dummies, and since they glow in the dark both you and your baby can find the dummy easily, without having to feel for it in the blind.

At Medela Baby we want our products to make every gesture more gentle, intimate and assured. Baby skin is sensitive and we strive to make all our products gentle to the skin. So they are as great sleep companions for your baby as their favorite toy during the day’s playtime.

Do dummies reduce SIDS?

Yes, scientific research has shown that the use of a dummy during sleep may offer protection against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).1, 2

Parents are often worried that dummies left in during the baby’s sleep are a choking threat. While common sense would dictate removing anything from a sleeping baby’s mouth, Medela Baby’s ventilation and ergonomic design allows easy breathing even with the use of a dummy.

Furthermore, to ensure an even safer and calming sleep while reducing the risk of SIDS, lay your baby on their back and avoid putting pillows and stuffed toys in their bed.2 They can play with them after a good nap or night’s sleep. At Medela Baby we know dummies can comfort your little one during the day and at sleep time – that’s why our dummies were created with your baby’s needs in mind for both situations.

It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t force your baby or newborn to take a dummy if they decide to refuse to (with a very clear gesture of making it appear at the other side of the room). They might just need time to get used to new sensations, so be patient.


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