Ebook – Dummy guide for parents

We believe that nothing is as precious as the bond between mother and baby. Nurturing this special bond is what has inspired us as expert researchers in breastfeeding and natural suckling for over 60 years. The purpose of this guide is to share what we know so you can make the most educated choices around dummy use.

There are different opinions when it comes to how and when to use a dummy – and having questions is totally normal. The Dummy guide for parents takes you through the key questions you may have about dummy use: what can a dummy do for my baby? How does the ideal dummy look? How can I keep my dummies clean and safe for my baby? What are the important points to know for responsible dummy use ? How and when to wean your baby from the dummy?
The ebook is free to read online, you can also download it, and share with friends and family.

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