Safe & Dry™ Washable bra pads

Stay dry and confident with Medela’s eco-friendly breast pads, which are washable so you can wear them again and again.

At a glance

  • Ultra soft and comfortable outer layer, with absorbent inner layer
  • Bra pads fit perfectly and look discreet under clothes
  • Ultrasonically sealed stitching round edges helps hold milk inside
  • Can be washed at 30° C
  • Ultra-thin and contoured for a natural, smooth feel
  • For regular levels of leaking breast milk
A breastfeeding mum holding her baby, happy in the knowledge that her washable bra pads are managing her leaking breast milk.

Are breast pads necessary?

Many mums think they are – in fact, they have been described as breastfeeding essentials! Most breastfeeding mums experience some level of leaking breast milk, which may even start when they’re pregnant. It’s usually heaviest soon after your baby’s birth, so during this time you could try ultra-absorbent disposable nursing pads, designed to cope with heavy breast milk leakage – as well as breastfeeding and/or pumping milk regularly.1 However, after this early stage many mums experience less heavy breast milk leakage and prefer a more environmentally friendly option, which is where Safe & Dry™ Washable bra pads can help.

Washing your reusable breast pads

Medela’s washable bra pads are made from a micro-porous fabric that allows your skin to breathe. Washing the bra pads before using them for the first time will improve their absorbency – just pop them in the machine at 40°C to 60°C, using your usual detergent, but no fabric conditioner. Make sure the bra pads are completely dry before wearing. Then wash them in the same way again after every use.

Absorbent and hygienic 

To use your breast pads, simply place the matt side on your lactating breast and hold in place with your bra. Any leaking breast milk will be held in the absorbent core, while the edges of the breast pads are specially sealed to help ensure milk doesn’t escape from there, either. In addition, washable bra pads contain material with antimicrobial properties to help prevent bacteria from growing. However, you should still change them as often as it takes for you to feel comfortable, so make sure you keep a supply of freshly washed pads to hand in a clean, dry place.

Natural look under clothes

Despite their absorbency, washable bra pads are thin and contoured to the shape of your breast for a natural, smooth feel under your bra. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to see these bra pads through your clothes at all, so you can feel relaxed and confident pretty much wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

When to stop wearing breast pads

This really depends on how long you are leaking breast milk, which can vary from mum to mum. For that awkward in-between stage – when you may not be leaking very heavily or consistently, but still feel you need protection just in case – try Medela’s Ultra thin nursing pads, designed for light to moderate breast milk leakage. Or you may want to switch to another item from our Safe & Dry™ range – a collection of reliable, hygienic and discreet products for managing the varying levels of breast leaking you may experience throughout your breastfeeding journey.

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