Top tips and advice on breastfeeding for new mums

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Top tips and advice on breastfeeding for new mums

Tips, tricks and more for the most common breastfeeding questions

Some of the topics covered:

  • preparing for breastfeeding before birth
  • sore nipples
  • is my baby getting enough milk
  • feeding cues
  • baby weight loss
  • engorgement
  • latching on problems
  • when milk comes in
Tips and advice from a lactation professional to help mums enabling breastfeed at home

The top 3 tips if your baby is unable to breastfeed in the 1st hours or days after birth

I have sore nipples, what should I do?

How do I know when to feed my baby?

The top 9 tips to help you when you get home from hospital with your baby!

The top 8 tips if your baby has lost too much weight

The top tips to help prevent and cure engorgement

The top 5 tips if your baby is not latching on at the breast

Is it a good idea to introduce a bottle of expressed breast milk so I can get more sleep?

If the milk is not coming in what should I do?

The lactation film to watch before birth

What to expect in the first few hours after birth?

Video series by Prof Paula Meier, PhD, RN.

Let’s talk about breastfeeding, the early days, is a video series with Paula Meier, PhD, RN.

Why are the first two weeks after birth important for breastfeeding

What should I expect during my birth hospitalization

Surviving the first week at home

What happens if my baby does not feed well at the breast?

Preparing for health conditions that may increase the chances of breastfeeding problems

What happens if you and your baby are separated